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M2PH 4,8xL with washer A12

Screws for fixing roof tiles M2PH type. This innovative product combines aesthetics and functionality. Completely hidden washer and semicircular head provides an elegant look. he special nut-setter firmly holds the screw head by means of an external magnetic ring and a TORX bit.



Tubes for fixing TLK-W-45

Tubes for fixing insulation under a rafter TLK-W-45 type. Tubes and screws are used to fix the under-roof insulation on sloped roofs. Tubes are supplied with special plugs that seal the inside of the tube tightly and prevent against dust and dirt. This solution helps to keep the insulation surface clean.



Creaton has been a partner of Baltic Fasteners

We are pleased to announce that Baltic Fasteners has been the supplier of CREATON Polska sp. z o.o. on the Polish market. We will do our best to provide the highest level of technical support in the field of fixing fiber- cement boards.